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Agriculture Safety Association Farm Safety Plan Templates

Farming in Saskatchewan has been a vital industry for many years. Because of the many safety hazards associated with farming, it is important to understand and implement farm safety plans to help avoid injury and potentially fatal accidents. 

The Government of Canada states that the following duties pose a risk to the safety of farmers:

  • Working in awkward/difficult positions, lifting heavy materials, and performing repetitive tasks
  • Working in and around confined spaces
  • Working in extreme temperatures
  • Working alone
  • Working at heights & Falls from heights
For the full comprehensive list, visit the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety site here: 
Due to the nature of these risks, Farm Safety Plan Templates are vital for farm owners, managers, workers, and family members to implement and adhere to. The Government of Saskatchewan states that, 

" Too many farmers, family members, and farm works are killed and injured on the farm each year as a result of incidents that could have been prevented" (Government of Saskatchewan, 2018). 

Northern Strands is committed to providing farmers with a cost effective and simple solution to help prevent falls while climbing or accessing grain bins. The Bin Safe System allows farmers to climb a grain bin with ease; knowing that they are secured allows workers to feel comfortable while working on the outside of the bin. 

When I did fall [off a grain bin], I broke my pelvis in 4 places and I laid in the hospital for 6 weeks before I could even put pressure on my legs. When I saw this product offered by Northern Strands, I knew that they had a winner and proved that they are a winner when they win all the safety awards at every tradeshow they go in. Using Bin Safe is inexpensive and every bin can be done cost effectively; The Bin Safe System allows us to go all the way to the top of the bin and all the way back down safely. That is what every farmer requires or should have to be as safe as possible when climbing bins.” 

– Greg Setter

The team at Northern Strands has developed a Ladder Safety Checklist to be used in conjunction with a Farm Safety Plan Template. This Ladder Safety Checklist can be referenced prior to climbing grain bins. 

The Northern Strands Ladder Safety Checklist can be downloaded and viewed here:  NS Ladder Safety Checklist.pdf (1.7MB)

Farm Safety Plan Templates are provided by a variety of Safety Associations for farmers to use for free. A Farm Safety Plan Template should be all encompassing and should include a grain bin fall protection section to ensure all potential farm safety hazards are identified. These Farm Safety Plan Templates can be used as a step in the development of your Farm Safety Program.

To access these Farm Safety Plan Templates, please view the following links:

Martin Toews
Cell Phone: (306) 441-6845 

How Do Fall Arrest Lanyards Work?

Did you know that a wire rope lanyard designed for fall arrest is not the same as a wire rope sling that is designed for lifting? 

When used as a fall arrest lanyard, wire rope by itself is unable to absorb any type of energy. Because there is no elasticity or stretch, this will subject a worker to a injury or even a potential amount of fatal arrest-force should they happen to fall while wearing it.

When wire rope is used as a connecting device, it is absolutely essential that a Personal Energy Absorber is used along with it.  A PEA should actually be used with any lanyard or connecting device that allows for potential free fall, despite the fact that the webbing or rope of some lanyard types does actually absorb small amounts of energy. 

Most jurisdictions, including Saskatchewan, prohibit fall forces in excess of 8 kilonewtons. Therefore, employers are legally required to ensure that a personal fall arrest system used by their employees is set up in order to prevent arrest forces in excess of 1800 pounds.

The amount of force a human body can withstand has not technically been verified by modern science. Less arrest force is generally easier on a person's body than more fall force. Additional information on this topic can be found here.

Wire rope slings should never be used as connecting devices in a Personal Fall Arrest System; it will subject a falling worker to more fall force than a proper energy-absorbing lanyard would.

Northern Strands provides training on both the proper use of fall arrest equipment and the proper use of rigging equipment. If you would like more information one either of these programs, please contact us.

Contact us at:  

Northern Strands Develops Cutting Edge Grain Bin Fall Protection System

This fall protection system is a cutting edge product designed to protect farm workers from a fall while climbing or accessing a bin for repairs or inspections. In today’s world, worker/farmer safety has never been more emphasized and important than it is right now. At Northern Strands we believe serious injuries are preventable and avoidable with proper planning and systems in place. It is with this belief in mind that Northern Strands accepted the challenge of making grain bin inspections and repairs more safe by developing a fall protection system. When properly installed and used, our system will prevent a person from falling off a grain bin and impacting the ground or falling into the bottom of a grain bin and suffocating. Currently this system is compatible with the Westor and Westeel 1805 bins. Northern Strands is working on Fall Protection Systems that will work for other models of grain bins.

The launch for this new Grain Bin System is happening at AG in Motion Tuesday July 18, 2017 - Thursday July 20, 2017. AG in Motion is just 15 mins NW of Saskatoon on Hwy 16 at Range Road 3083. Northern Strands will be at Booth Space 420. There will be demos throughout the week.

Contact the Northern Strands Fall Protection Division today to find out more about Farm Safety. The Engineered Fall Protection Division offers a variety of fall protection systems, solutions and services. Custom-engineered solutions can be designed to suit specific requirements. Services and equipment include: inspection and replacement services for overhead and vertical lifelines, consulting, supply and installation services for single point anchors, guardrail systems, walkways, platforms and structural assessments.

Phone 306-242-7073

Grain bin anchor fall protection system brochure.docx.pdf (502.2KB)


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