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Northern Strands Launches Saskatchewan's First Hydraulic Bridge Platform

Northern Strands is excited to announce the launch of Saskatchewan’s first Hydraulic Bridge Platform, the Hydra Platform HP 32! This specialized piece of bridge construction equipment has the potential to greatly reduce inspection, maintenance and repair down time of bridges throughout Saskatchewan.  Likely reducing bridge traffic lane down time.  This is very significant, in that bridge and road construction delays are always an area of concern for Saskatchewan residents. Not only will the Hydra Platform reduce down time, it was also designed with worker safety in mind. As opposed to traditional bridge inspection and repair methods used in North America, not a single worker death has occurred while using the Hydra Platform HP 32.

 The official launch took place last Friday at 1pm on Highways 16 and 11 overpass in the south end of Saskatoon.  A press release was sent out to media, municipalities and companies that would benefit from the usage of an under bridge access platform.  In attendance were construction companies, government officials and the media.  

We were very pleased that the Mayor of Saskatoon, Donald Atchison attended the launch of the Hydra Platform HP 32 and showed his support for a local company investing in Saskatchewan worker safety. 

CTV covered the launch of the under bridge aerial access platform, with it airing the same day on the 6pm news!  CTV does not have the link to Friday's news broadcast on their website for us to post.  However, we are still trying to procure the original broadcast footage and will hopefully have it to post in the future.  It was an excellent piece, with the opening line being, "A local company, Northern Strands is investing in Saskatchewan worker safety!"   

Below are a handful of pictures from the launch of Saskatchewan's first hydraulic bridge access platform:

Northern Strands Suspended Access Division employee Jason Okotinsky explaining the benefits of using the Hydra Platform.


 The Hydra Platform starting it's deployment over the edge of the overpass.


 The Hydra Platform arm extending away from tower


 Northern Strands Health and Safety Manager Terry Zerbin being interviewed by media.


 Mayor of Saskatoon, Donald Atchison discussing the Hydra Platform with Northern Strands employees.


Mayor Donald Atchison volunteers to take part in the Hydra Platform demonstration and climbs down the tower to take in the view from the platform arm.

We would like to thank all who attended, helped and participated in this important Northern Strands event.

Please see the link below to our brochure to learn more about how your company can benefit from renting the Hydra Platform HP 32:  

Northern Strands Hydra Platform HP 32 Brochure.pdf (1.10 mb)

 Or visit Northern Strands Suspended Access Systems webpage for more information:


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