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Is Online Fall Arrest Training Adequate?

It goes without saying that any training is (generally) better than no training whatsoever, but does online fall arrest training really count as far as the Regulations are concerned?

 Interestingly enough, the Regulations go so far as to define the term ‘train’ which means  “…to give information and explanation to a worker with respect to a particular subject-matter and require a practical demonstration that the worker has acquired knowledge or skill related to the subject-matter…”


Requiring a “practical demonstration” is where online training tends to actually not technically meet OH&S requirements here in Saskatchewan.  With courses like fall protection/fall arrest it is critical that users are shown how to properly put on and inspect a harness and then practically demonstrate the knowledge or skills acquired by physically inspecting and donning a harness during the training.  Each person attending a Northern Strands Fall Arrest Training course is not only required to inspect and don a harness as part of achieving certification, but they are also given the opportunity to perform another practical exercise where they can transfer their body weight onto their harness to verify whether or not they have it properly adjusted.

Another issue users face is deciding whether they should be completing “Fall Arrest Training” or “Fall Protection Training?”  Unfortunately there is no crystal-clear answer to this question, but the deciding factor will ultimately be based on the individual requirements of different company policies. 

As you may already know, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be considered the last line of defense against workplace hazards, and should the hazards happen to involve falling, there are many other ways to better protect yourself than using a Personal Fall Arrest System.  Northern Strands Fall Arrest Training (despite its name) explains the regulatory requirements of the other, better forms of fall protection so that users are more suitably informed on how to protect themselves from falling.

If you’re considering online training and your employees will be working in the province of Saskatchewan contact us, to make sure that the training will meet the requirements of the provincial regulations. We also do on-site training so we can make it more convenient for those times when it isn’t actually practical to send an entire crew to Saskatoon to take part in one of our regularly scheduled courses.


Phone: 306-242-7073
Training Centre: 802 57th Street East, Saskatoon, SK.

Gorbel Tether Track Systems are Now Available at Northern Strands

Fall Protection is a serious business. Designing and supplying Engineered Fall Protection systems is a responsibility and privilege that we do not take lightly. Northern Strands is excited to offer our customers the Gorbel  Rigid Rail Tether Track Fall Protection Systems. These systems provide workers with increased mobility and can accommodate multiple workers. The Tether Track Fall Protection System is available in a number of configurations to assist in all types of applications.

Bridge Systems

The Tether Track Bridge System consists of two runways and a traveling bridge. This offers users maximum coverage in a rectangular area. Multiple bridges can be used to support several workers. The bridge(s) can be use for ceiling mounted or free standing systems. This allows for multiple users to use the system at the same time. 

Free Standing Monorails

Free Standing Fall Protection Systems are designed to protect workers maintaining, inspecting, or loading & unloading rail cars and tankers. Heights from 16' up to 26 and standard lengths up to 204' in single and dual track styles are available. The Dual bypass track allows workers to pass each other without having to disconnect from the system. Outdoor coatings are offered to maximize protection and the Free Standing Monorail is designed for wind, snow, and ice. 

Ceiling Mounted Monorail