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Fall Protection Anchor Point Attachments

There are many different methods of attaching an anchor point to a structure in order to use the anchor for fall protection.  Determining the method of fall protection anchor installation should be done by a qualified engineer.

In section 116 of the OH&S fall protection regulations it states that “ an Anchor point or Anchor plate means a secure connecting point capable of safely withstanding the impact forces applied by a fall protection system”.

It is extremely important that the structure we are attaching our fall protection anchors to is strong enough to handle the loads implied in the case of a fall.  It is great to be tied off, but if what we are tying off to isn’t strong enough to hold the worker bad things can happen.

Not only should fall protection anchors be inspected annually, the structure they are attached to should be inspected on an annual basis to ensure they are safe to use by a qualified person.  A visual inspection should be done on any anchor and attachment method prior to use by the worker.

If you are purchasing a pre-engineered fall protection anchor or fall protection lifeline system ensure whatever you are attaching these fall protection products to is going to withstand the forces incurred during a fall.  The fall protection product you are using may be engineered but is what you are attaching to engineered?

Our Northern Strands Fall Protection Division can design and install fall protection systems.  Plus, complete fall protection rescue plans and fall protection recertification.

Please contact us to learn more about our engineered fall protection systems, services and equipment.

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