Bin Safe System
Bin Safe System

Bin Safe System

Safety is your lifeline.

Protect your family from one of the most common accident locations on the farm.

Our patent pending fall protection system is a cutting edge product designed to protect farm workers from a fall while climbing or accessing a bin for repairs or inspections.

Which Would You Rather Be?

With Bin Safe

Without Bin Safe

Bin Safe System

Top 10 reasons to put a fall protection system on your grain bin.

10. Allows for safe bin climbing.
9. Quick and easy to install.
8. Easy to use.
7. Cost effective.
6. OH&S, CSA & ANSI compliant.
5. Reduce the stress of working at heights by knowing you are tied off.
4. It's the law! OH&S regulations state that a fall protection system must be in place when working at heights above 10 feet.
3. Liability. You are responsible for the health and safety of the person climbing your bin.
2. Accidents happen. Work place falls are the number one reported WCB injury.
1. The number one reason to have fall protection on your grain bin... to protect your family, your worker and yourself from a fall while climbing or accessing a bin. Be safe, not sorry.

Alberta Farm Health & Safety Grant

The Alberta Provincial Government announced October 15, 2018 that a farm Health and Safety Producer Grant Program has been developed to assist farmers with the costs of implementing the new Alberta OH&S Farming Legislation.

Grant Details:

  • The Farm Health and Safety Producer grant offers financial assistance to eligible farmers that have waged, non-family workers and a WCB account.
  • Applicants can now apply for the grant that will pay up to 50% of the cost of eligible expenses up to $5,000 per year or $10,000 over the life of the program per applicant.
  • The program helps famers comply with the OH&S code that will take effect on December 1, 2018.
  • The grant is available October 15, 2018 and runs until March 2021.

For more information on the Alberta Farm Health & Safety Producer Grant click the following link.

Alberta Grant Link

Bin Safe System

Bin Safe System
Bin Safe System

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have fall protection on my bin by law?
Yes, in most provinces and states it is the law! OH&S reg. state, "(2) An employer or contractor shall ensure that workers use a fall protection system at a temporary or permanent work area where: (a) a worker may fall three metres or more; or (b) there is a possibility of injury if a worker falls less than three metres."

What if I don’t want to install the system myself?
Please contact Northern Strands and we will be happy to assist you with finding a suitable contractor to install the system.

Does the system work for any grain bin?
Our system is compatible with most grain bins! Please contact us to discuss which systems you need for your particular grain bins.


Contact our Bin Safe System Representative to order or request additional information

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Cell Phone: (306) 441-6845

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