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Questions About Fall Protection

Fall Protection Division wants to remind everyone that one of the biggest mistakes users of fall protection can make is assuming.  If you have questions, make sure to ask them.  There are way more variations and combinations of equipment available then you could ever imagine.  The possibilities for different environments and work situations are endless.  No matter the question, feel free to ask us.  It could save a life.  Contact us at or call 306-242-7073 for more information.

Best Practice for Monitoring Mining Rope Diameters

It is important to have proper calipers with a large flat surface or other device because of the valleys between rope strands.  The diameter must be made at consistent places along the rope lengths (ie. 100ft, 300ft, 500ft, etc).  Note: take special care at commonly problematic areas (ie. areas where rope is tangent to sheave or hoist when in loading positions).  Secondly, when taking the measurements take them at 90 degrees to each other and then average measurements at each position.  Contact us at or call 306-242-7073 for more information.

Risky (Winter) Business

Be extra careful on standing seam roofs and metal deck roofs.  They can be extremely dangerous with snow and ice this time of year.  As us about the many non-penetrating anchors we offer for fall protection capabilities.  Contact us at or call 306-242-7073 for more information.

Inspection Rule/Guideline for Mining Rope Attachments

The best practices guideline would suggest, at a minimum, all attachments should be inspected by a qualified inspector every 5 years.  This would include wet magnetic testing, pull testing and dimension checks.  Of course, environments differ and therefore may require more frequent inspection, and immediate inspection if hit by falling objects or extreme stops.  Contact us at or call 306-242-7073 for more information.


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