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Northern Strands Designs Custom Outfitted Mobile Railcar Progressioner Servicing Unit

The Northern Strands Group of Companies has recently outfitted a Mobile Railcar Progressioner Servicing Unit custom suited to service a multitude of railcar loadout facility maintenance requirements. 

This all-terrain unit is built off of a Yanmar C25R Track Machine and carries a service deck outfitted with a rope greasing system, socketing vice, heavy duty winch, hoisting davit, service greasing system, and welder/generator/air compressor combination unit to accommodate a variety of loadout servicing needs including rope greasing, component replacements, general system inspections/servicing, rope tensioning, welding repairs, and more. 

The Mobile Railcar Progressioner Servicing Unit comes fully site compliant with positive air shutoff, fire extinguisher, beacon, lighting, and ROPS.