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Northern Strands Group of Companies Employees Fundraise for Children's Wish Exile Island Event

For the second year in a row, the Northern Strands Group of Companies(Northern Strands, Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing, Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals), was invited to participate in Children's Wish Exile Island.  On March 10, 2017, The Children’s Wish Foundation challenged 15 local business and community groups to gather a Cast of 10 and take part in an action packed day of fun and friendly competition all in a united effort to grant 15 heartfelt wishes. Modeled after the popular television show “Survivor”, all the “Cast”-aways were sent to Legends Centre, Warman, SK to compete in a series of mental, physical, creative and strategic challenges. Each team was paired with a local Wish Child who cheered us on and inspired these brave competitors.

Here is a link to a story the Clarke's Crossing Gazette did on Exile Island this year

The child we are aligned with this year for Exile Island was Aurora.   Her favorite movie is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.  Luckily, this year's Exile Island theme was movies!  Her favorite movie is about food coming alive...Thus Team Meatballs was born!  Our team theme and costumes were based on the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 movie. We won two team awards at Exile Island. Set Design/team area and the one we are most proud of Top Box Office/most money raised!  See the pictures below of our time at Exile Island...

We are proud to say that for last 4 years in a row we have donated over $10,000 towards granting a Child's Wish!

Throughout the year we raise funds for Children's Wish in a variety of ways; Paper, pop cans, containers and batteries are recycled. Additional funds are raised through yard cleanup with scrap steel and other reusable goods being sent to auction. We have a raffle at our Christmas party and we have a separate intercompany raffle for 5 pairs of Rush tickets. The Group of Companies holds several fund-raising BBQ's throughout the summer. Employees are encouraged to participate and volunteer to help with the activities during the event. We contact neighboring businesses and drop off flyers in the effort to grow each and every BBQ. 

We also have a very unique way of giving back to the community. We use our Safety Training Ambulance to raise money at events like Craven Country Jamboree and other similar events. Our Trainers donate their time as first responders at these types of events. They offer basic medical care out of the ambulance. Any money we are paid is donated back to Children's Wish. Even if the event cannot afford to pay, our Trainers will still volunteer simply to help those in need.

Every year our efforts have helped give hope to a local family that needed it the most. We believe one of the key reasons we are so successful in encouraging our employees to donate their time is the connection we make with the child we are aligned with. By doing events like Exile Island you can see the difference you are making in the child and their family's life.  

We would like to thank Novatex Industrial printers for making our great banner and The Cherry On Top - Sweet Treats by Erin for making our creative cupcakes.  See pictures below.

Northern Strands Group of Companies is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

Northern Strands has Heavy Duty Tow Straps and Tow Ropes On Sale! Plus a Free Guide on Vehicle Recovery and Towing.

Spring is just around the corner.  In Saskatchewan spring means muddy roads and fields.  Many trucks, trailers and heavy equipment will be stuck in the mud and need to be towed out with either recovery straps or recovery ropes.  Northern Strands has the highest quality heavy duty tow straps and heavy duty tow ropes in the industry, with many of our towing and rigging products manufactured in our rigging warehouse.  Our high quality tow ropes and tow straps have a high breaking strength, are safety certified and tested.  All of our towing and rigging products are certified for job sites and we will provide all necessary paperwork.  Northern Strands takes our commitment to safety very seriously.  We are a COR certified company and a Mission Zero members. 

Right now we have 2 ply tow straps, double braided polyester tow ropes and 8 strand tow ropes on sale(while quantities last).  With any tow strap or tow rope sale we will give you a free Vehicle Recovery and Towing Guide.

Check out the links to our flyers below.

8 Strand Tow Rope

Double Braided Polyester Tow Rope

2 Ply Tow Straps

Call or come in to request sale pricing on our vehicle recovery ropes and straps.

Phone 306-242-7073 or email to request pricing on specific products. 

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated. 

Northern Strands Has Launched a New Website! What's New?

We have officially launched Northern Strands new website!  There are a number of important new features and tools we've added to best serve our clients:

  • The new website was built with the latest website design software.  This means our site is responsive/interactive.  This has numerous benefits.  Most importantly, our site is mobile friendly.  This means that if you access our site from a phone or tablet it will auto format like an app!  This makes our site much more user friendly.
  • We now have a Rigging Calculator  and a Wirelock Socketing Calculator!  If you open either on your phone or tablet they will appear just like an app.  Best of all, our Rigging and Wirelock Socketing Calculators are free to use!  
  • Our website now has Custom Quotation Form fields for clients to easily enter information when they want custom products.  No downloading of documents needed.  You enter the information right into the webpage.  This will enable us to give our clients fast and accurate quotes.  Custom Sheave Quotation Form  Custom Material Basket, Man Basket, Spreader beam and Jib Crane Quotation Forms 
  • Many new and revised tabs. With some of the most significant changes being the adding of an Equipment Testing & Certification tab and more detailed information on our Mining Wire Rope, Attachments & Equipment products and services
  • All of our updated Northern Strands brochures and flyers can be found and downloaded from our Media page  
  • Northern Strands offers hundreds of products and services across our five divisions.  If your having trouble finding what your looking, try our new search bar in the top right hand corner. 
  • Plus many more improvements!
We hope you enjoy our new Northern Strands website.  We value our customers opinions and would appreciate any feedback regarding our website. will continue to evolve and improve to best serve our clients needs.  

Direct any website related comments to our Marketing Manager at  

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

Fall Protection Anchor Point Attachments

There are many different methods of attaching an anchor point to a structure in order to use the anchor for fall protection.  Determining the method of fall protection anchor installation should be done by a qualified engineer.

In section 116 of the OH&S fall protection regulations it states that “ an Anchor point or Anchor plate means a secure connecting point capable of safely withstanding the impact forces applied by a fall protection system”.

It is extremely important that the structure we are attaching our fall protection anchors to is strong enough to handle the loads implied in the case of a fall.  It is great to be tied off, but if what we are tying off to isn’t strong enough to hold the worker bad things can happen.

Not only should fall protection anchors be inspected annually, the structure they are attached to should be inspected on an annual basis to ensure they are safe to use by a qualified person.  A visual inspection should be done on any anchor and attachment method prior to use by the worker.

If you are purchasing a pre-engineered fall protection anchor or fall protection lifeline system ensure whatever you are attaching these fall protection products to is going to withstand the forces incurred during a fall.  The fall protection product you are using may be engineered but is what you are attaching to engineered?

Our Northern Strands Fall Protection Division can design and install fall protection systems.  Plus, complete fall protection rescue plans and fall protection recertification.

Please contact us to learn more about our engineered fall protection systems, services and equipment.

Phone 306-242-7073
or download our brochure below

Northern Strands Fall Protection Brochure email version.pdf (1.4MB)

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon Saskatchewan owned and operated.


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