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Northern Strands one-of-a-kind Air Winch Safety Training

Did you know the Occupational Health and Safety act of 2020 says that to operate a hoist, crane or lifting device you need to successfully complete a training program! (Section 16-6). This means that if you are operating one of these types of machines for work you need to hold that certificate to be in compliance with OH&S regulations. This is one of those lesser-known regulations and includes machines like lifts and winches. 

Many professions and sites will see the use of machinery like this including but not limited to: Construction, Mechanics, Fabrication and more. If in the regular course of your duties you need to use machinery to lift a heavy item or need to use a winch to complete a task you might be missing a critical safety training course and could be fined

Northern Strands offers a one-of-a-kind Air Winch safety Training Course. This course is exclusive to Northern Strands and follows  the standards set by Occupational Health and Safety Saskatchewan.

Air Winch Safety Training:

  • Teaches you anchorage procedures for a variety of foundations.
  • Instructs you on basic pull testing methodology.
  • Provides you with effective communication tools.
  • Contains a review of important rigging concepts.

The Air Winch Safety Training course also contains a practical hands-on demonstration where you will receive training on rigging up and using a pneumatic tugger.

The air winch is then used to demonstrate the dynamics of anchor point and sling loading.

After completing the course you will be issued a Air Winch Safety Training certificate, valid for three (3) years.


So if you or you employees are needing this certification or you are just wanting to insure you are operating these potentially dangerous equipment correctly Contact us at (306) 242-7073 or email for more information.


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