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Northern Strands designs ground-breaking Grain Spout Winch System for AG Terminals

Northern Strands AG Terminal Division was contacted by Grain Terminal asking if we could provide a solution for what had become a consistent issue. The telescopic grain spout that loads railcars consistently fails after a period of time and the customer wanted to know if there was potential for a better design. 

Our Project Manager was sent to the terminal to investigate and see if there was potential for a better design. The cause of failure was the grain spout going up and down repeatedly, causing the cable to wear in the same spot as it travels back and forth past the guide pulleys. Eventually, the cable breaks, and the spout ends up in the rail car. Resulting in an emergency repair and unplanned downtime
Northern Strands designed a system to address this problem for what is considered a critical asset.
The new design included:  
  • Upgraded to a single grooved drum winch with special end devices to monitor even cable distribution.
  • Larger high-quality snatch blocks were installed for a better D/d ratio.
  • Improved fleet angles.
The customer was very satisfied with the end result. They now have an improved system that will last indefinitely, is safer, and now has a system in place that will not require frequent emergency grain spout repairs. 

Northern Strands can create similar custom grain spout systems like this for any AG Terminal or industry that uses similar systems.

Northern Strands AG Terminal Equipment and Services Division 
Phone: 306-242-7073

Northern Strands Supplies Maxi-Lift Belting, Buckets, and Fasteners for the Agriculture Industry

Northern Strands has had a busy summer supplying after recently being announced as a Maxi-lift Bucket and product Dealer. Northern Strands supplied Agriculture, Oil Seed and Fertilizer companies Belting, Buckets, and fastener accessory packages. We sold product to Richardson Oil Seeds, Cargill, Nutrien Ag solutions, Delia, AB, and FCL Hanley. We worked with Maxi-lift and our Logistics Team to react quickly and turned around complete replacement packages in a few days. We ensured our customers were up and running quickly during their busy time of the year. We understand the Industry and understand how costly down time can be. 

Northern Strands Agriculture Terminal Equipment & Services stock top of the line elevator cups, PVC and rubber belting and Accessory packages to suit the Canadian winters. We are also capable of the installing Maxi-Lift elevator products.

Call for a estimate or take advantage of the 3 for free sample offer on Maxi Lift buckets and see what a superior Bucket cup can do for your bottom line. Maxi lift buckets far outlast the competition.  

Phone: (306) 242-7073




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