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Northern Strands Supplies the Logging Industry with Custom Logging Wire Rope & Chain Chokers, Logging Tie Downs, Pulley's, Tow Cables, Hoists and More

Northern Strands is well known in Saskatchewan as a supplier of industrial rigging, equipment, and supplies for the mining and construction industries. However, did you know that many of these same products are utilized by the forestry logging industry on a daily basis? Northern Strands has been one of the largest suppliers of wire rope and chain assemblies in Saskatchewan for over 50 years. 

We carry a variety of job site-certified rigging, load securement, material handling, and towing products. For example, our Dyneema log trailer tie-downs (also known as log wrappers) are National Safety Code 10 compliant and meet Alberta's stringent 5-1 Safety ratio. Dyneema (synthetic rope) is easy to use and jagger-free. 

All of our products reach or exceed the highest level of equipment compliance. Our mining industry clients have some of the strictest product safety and certification requirements in the world that we must adhere to. This benefits all of our customers. You can rest easy, knowing that Northern Strands offers some of the safest and most well-tested products on the market today.

Our logging industry products and equipment include:
  • Dyneema (synthetic rope) log tie-down wraps
  • Wire rope logging Chokers
  • log Choker chain
  • Splitter Cables
  • Pulley Blocks
  • Sheaves
  • Rigging Accessories
  • Chain Hoists
  • Lever Hoist
  • Rope pullers
  • Ratchet Straps
  • Turnbuckles
  • Wire Rope sling 
  • Tow Straps
  • Tow Ropes 
  • Shackles
  • Synthetic Shackles
  • Web Sling
  • Round Sling 
  • Grade 70 Transport Chain
  • Custom chain assemblies
  • custom wire rope assemblies
Contact Northern Strands today or shop online at 
Phone 1-800-242-7073

How to inspect your ATV winch line and when should you replace it?

How to inspect your ATV winch line and when should you replace it?


As the fall leaves are changing and the smell of winter is on the air, it’s the perfect time to head out on the trails with your ATV. Whether you are heading to snap some beautiful fall photos, enjoy the crisp fall air, or if your ATV is the equipment you use for hunting it must be in peak condition. The top of everyone’s mind is often making sure that mechanically everything is up to scratch and while that is critical it’s the other gear that is often overlooked. Many ATVs come equipped with a winch line or the ability to connect a tow rope in case you get stuck or need to haul something out. This tool is critical for an enjoyable and successful trip but is often overlooked when we do a walk-around of our equipment before we head out. Here are a few tips on checking over your winch and line.


  1. Fully extend your line from the drum and inspect the line. Make sure that it's in good condition and there aren’t any spots on the line which are showing wear or damage. i.e. kinks, splinters or curls.
  2. If your line is in good shape, make sure the mechanism to rewind the winch is working properly and the mechanics on that is also in good working condition.
  3. If your line is showing wear and tear it's time to investigate replacing it.


Northern strand carries a full line of lines both synthetic and wire rope that is specifically manufactured to be used in winch lines. Did you know our Dyneema synthetic winch line has many benefits over traditional wire rope. Dyneema rope will not splinter, kink or curl. It’s also much easier on the hands in cold weather.


With the education and training relied on by some of the largest mining operations in Saskatchewan for their wire hoisting needs. Our experts are uniquely positioned to help you find the right line got your equipment and one that will work for you and your needs.


Our products are spliced and tested on-site with the top industry ratings in place. Each one of our synthetic ropes comes with the hook correctly spliced onto the end as well as the metal thimble and comes packaged with all the specifications of the specific line, including tensile strength, length and material. We have many standard sizes and lengths in stock and ready for pick up. We are also able to make any specific size and length you might need to order.


So if you are looking to replace your current line or upgrade to a different type of line that will better suit the work you need to do come and talk to our incredibly knowledgeable team or shop online at

Northern Strands one-of-a-kind Air Winch Safety Training

Did you know the Occupational Health and Safety act of 2020 says that to operate a hoist, crane or lifting device you need to successfully complete a training program! (Section 16-6). This means that if you are operating one of these types of machines for work you need to hold that certificate to be in compliance with OH&S regulations. This is one of those lesser-known regulations and includes machines like lifts and winches. 

Many professions and sites will see the use of machinery like this including but not limited to: Construction, Mechanics, Fabrication and more. If in the regular course of your duties you need to use machinery to lift a heavy item or need to use a winch to complete a task you might be missing a critical safety training course and could be fined

Northern Strands offers a one-of-a-kind Air Winch safety Training Course. This course is exclusive to Northern Strands and follows  the standards set by Occupational Health and Safety Saskatchewan.

Air Winch Safety Training:

  • Teaches you anchorage procedures for a variety of foundations.
  • Instructs you on basic pull testing methodology.
  • Provides you with effective communication tools.
  • Contains a review of important rigging concepts.

The Air Winch Safety Training course also contains a practical hands-on demonstration where you will receive training on rigging up and using a pneumatic tugger.

The air winch is then used to demonstrate the dynamics of anchor point and sling loading.

After completing the course you will be issued a Air Winch Safety Training certificate, valid for three (3) years.


So if you or you employees are needing this certification or you are just wanting to insure you are operating these potentially dangerous equipment correctly Contact us at (306) 242-7073 or email for more information.

Northern Strands AG Terminal Maintenance Division adds EZ-LAG Pully Lagging to Product Line

Over the years, as we have developed our AG Terminal Equipment Product line and expanded our inventoried items, it has become evident that the ability to obtain Pulley Lagging quickly or in an emergency in western Canada is difficult. Both Contractors and Companies have contacted Northern Strands multiple times to inquire if we carry Pulley Lagging? Trying to find stock from the established Belting supply companies has left them empty-handed, creating increased rush freight charges or expensive downtime.  

Northern Strands is pleased to announce that we are stocking PPI's EZ-LAG and the required hardware for install. This can be used as a Bolt-in solution as well. If you have Bolt on requirements, any history of usage, etc. We have very competitive pricing and crews that can mobilize quickly for installation.

EZ-Lag Features and Benefits are many
  • Traditional Sliding Lag has a solid steel back and needs to be ordered specific to the Pulley diameter, creating the need to stock multiple sizes at a high cost of inventory.  EZ-Lag  Has 2 strips of the metal backing plate, and is field formable from 12" diameters and up and recommend a Pulley face width of 36" down. 
  • On the spot re-lagging.
  • Interchangeable with PPI Craft-Lag and Holz Lagging.
  • Available in 60 durometers in SBR or Neoprene.
Northern Strands has recently sold and installed EZ-LAG in an Oil Crush Plant Pellet belt conveyor, Fertilizer Bucket elevator, and Grain handling Bucket elevator with great success. All customers were very satisfied with the install. 

Contact us for a quote on EZ-LAG Pulley Lagging
Phone: 306-242-7073
Toll-Free: 1-800-242-7073
Visit our AG Terminal Equipment and Services Webpage for information on all of our products and services
EZ-LAG PDF Brochure EZ LAG Brochure.pdf (259.7KB)

Northern Strands is locally owned and operated in Saskatchewan.

Northern Strands Becomes Official Dealer for Crosby's Newly Acquired Speedbinder, a Torque Driven Load Binder

Northern Strands is excited to be a Dealer for Crosby Torque Driven Speedbinders in Saskatchewan and throughout Canada. What is a Torque Drive Load Binder you might ask? Torque Drive binders are designed and meant to be operated differently than any other load binder. It is best if your drivers can set aside any preconceived notions and past experience with operating binders. These require a new understanding of how they lock the chain tight. Done properly, drivers will experience less shoulder strain, easier operation, safer load securement, and faster tie-down/release times.

Let's start with the handle. Traditional load binders use a "paw" that is built into the handle to engage the gear around the barrel that, when rotated, pulls the threaded posts either in or out. This is not the case with the Crosby Speedbinder. The handle is not to be used in the traditional/rotational sense. The handle on the Torque Drive is actually a reaction bar first and handle for carrying second. Our load binder was designed to be operated by a cordless drill. In a pinch, someone can simply use a 14 mm wrench or socket if a drill breaks or batteries go dead.

The locking mechanism for Torque Drive is having the handle against the floor of the trailer or against a part of the equipment you are tying down. With the handle against (reacting) a stationary object, we develop superior chain tightness. Because we attain such high chain tightness, we virtually eliminate chains loosening with tire mash (bridge abutments, bumps, railroad tracks, etc.). Done correctly, it should take about five to seven pounds of force to pull the handle off the floor of the trailer.

Place the load binder as close to the rub rail as possible so that the handle will be able to hit the floor of the trailer or position so the handle is against a part of the unit being tied down.

We recommend the use of the Dewalt DCK299P2 drill kit (1/4” impact as backup) or a similar type drill. We use this drill for several reasons:

  • It has superior torque than an impact.
  • It has speed and torque. Run in either third or second for slack pick up, drop her into first or final tightness.
  • The (2) five-amp-per-hour batteries should give a driver two to three full days of operation.
  • The many torque settings allow the driver to set the chain tightness to his liking.

How to operate:
  • Attach the handle to your drill to help curb the rotational forces that you will be applying. It is important to use both hands.
  • We recommend setting the torque setting (dial on the collar) to seven to start. This gets most chains super tight. Adjust up or down the numerical range to best suit your needs.
  • Run your slack in on second or third gear (look for the switch on top of the drill) and reduce down to first gear when you feel any hint of the drill pulling down.
  • As your chain appears to be getting close to the desired tightness, ease on the trigger because you will begin to experience some twisting torque on the drill. This thing is powerful...again, it is important to use both hands.
  • We have approved the use of a 3/8 impact. It is lighter, more manageable, and you can operate with one hand. Please do not use a 1/2 impact. This will void the warranty. The trade-off is that the drill gets the chains tighter, but you will have some twist to counter. The impact is easier to use and will wear the drive bolt a tad quicker. Drive bolts take about five minutes to replace.
Speedbinder Testimonial
"Finally pulled the plug and got my Speedbinders! The very next day, I received a load that required eight chains (before this I used to purposely pass up on loads that needed chaining because I didn’t want to deal with the chains). I started on the first chain and before I even got it tight I was kicking myself for not getting these a year earlier. The trucker next to me waiting to get loaded came around his truck when he heard my drill and was very impressed with the ease of use and how tight the chains were. I have since driven that load more than 700 miles, and I have not had to tighten a single binder down — NOT A SINGLE BINDER WAS LOOSE THE ENTIRE TRIP.

I am completely sold on these binders and will be getting four more to make sure I have enough for all the future loads I will be pulling using my chains and Speedbinders!

Thank you for making a great product!"


Here's a great Torque Drive Load Binder demonstration video! 

You can shop online with Northern Strands at  or contact us at:
Phone: Saskatoon 306-242-7073, Regina 306-242-7073 or Esterhazy at 306-745-4640


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