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Northern Strands Develops Cutting Edge Grain Bin Fall Protection System

This fall protection system is a cutting edge product designed to protect farm workers from a fall while climbing or accessing a bin for repairs or inspections. In today’s world, worker/farmer safety has never been more emphasized and important than it is right now. At Northern Strands we believe serious injuries are preventable and avoidable with proper planning and systems in place. It is with this belief in mind that Northern Strands accepted the challenge of making grain bin inspections and repairs more safe by developing a fall protection system. When properly installed and used, our system will prevent a person from falling off a grain bin and impacting the ground or falling into the bottom of a grain bin and suffocating. Currently this system is compatible with the Westor and Westeel 1805 bins. Northern Strands is working on Fall Protection Systems that will work for other models of grain bins.

The launch for this new Grain Bin System is happening at AG in Motion Tuesday July 18, 2017 - Thursday July 20, 2017. AG in Motion is just 15 mins NW of Saskatoon on Hwy 16 at Range Road 3083. Northern Strands will be at Booth Space 420. There will be demos throughout the week.

Contact the Northern Strands Fall Protection Division today to find out more about Farm Safety. The Engineered Fall Protection Division offers a variety of fall protection systems, solutions and services. Custom-engineered solutions can be designed to suit specific requirements. Services and equipment include: inspection and replacement services for overhead and vertical lifelines, consulting, supply and installation services for single point anchors, guardrail systems, walkways, platforms and structural assessments.

Phone 306-242-7073

Grain bin anchor fall protection system brochure.docx.pdf (502.2KB)

Northern Strands Has Launched a New Website! What's New?

We have officially launched Northern Strands new website!  There are a number of important new features and tools we've added to best serve our clients:

  • The new website was built with the latest website design software.  This means our site is responsive/interactive.  This has numerous benefits.  Most importantly, our site is mobile friendly.  This means that if you access our site from a phone or tablet it will auto format like an app!  This makes our site much more user friendly.
  • We now have a Rigging Calculator  and a Wirelock Socketing Calculator!  If you open either on your phone or tablet they will appear just like an app.  Best of all, our Rigging and Wirelock Socketing Calculators are free to use!  
  • Our website now has Custom Quotation Form fields for clients to easily enter information when they want custom products.  No downloading of documents needed.  You enter the information right into the webpage.  This will enable us to give our clients fast and accurate quotes.  Custom Sheave Quotation Form  Custom Material Basket, Man Basket, Spreader beam and Jib Crane Quotation Forms 
  • Many new and revised tabs. With some of the most significant changes being the adding of an Equipment Testing & Certification tab and more detailed information on our Mining Wire Rope, Attachments & Equipment products and services
  • All of our updated Northern Strands brochures and flyers can be found and downloaded from our Media page  
  • Northern Strands offers hundreds of products and services across our five divisions.  If your having trouble finding what your looking, try our new search bar in the top right hand corner. 
  • Plus many more improvements!
We hope you enjoy our new Northern Strands website.  We value our customers opinions and would appreciate any feedback regarding our website. will continue to evolve and improve to best serve our clients needs.  

Direct any website related comments to our Marketing Manager at  

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

Do You Need a Commercial Roofing Fall Protection Plan?

Over the last few decades worker safety in Canada has become an area of utmost importance for our government, companies and workers.   Worker fall protection safety has been a particular area of focus in safety regulations and culture across Saskatchewan and Canada

Did you know that Saskatchewan's Occupational Health and Safety Regulations states that, "An employer or contractor shall develop a written fall protection plan where:
(a) a worker may fall three metres or more; and
(b) workers are not protected by a guardrail or similar barrier."?

What constitutes a fall protection plan or system?  OH&S regulations state, "The fall protection plan required by subsection (1) must describe:
(a) the fall hazards at the worksite;
(b) the fall protection system to be used at the worksite;
(c) the procedures used to assemble, maintain, inspect, use and disassemble the fall protection system; and
(d) the rescue procedures to be used if a worker falls, is suspended by a personal fall arrest system or safety net and needs to be rescued.
(3) The employer or contractor shall ensure that a copy of the fall protection plan is readily available before work begins at a worksite where a risk of falling exists.
(4) The employer or contractor shall ensure that a worker is trained in the fall protection plan and the safe use of the fall protection system before allowing the worker to work in an area where a fall protection system must be used."

Northern Strands Engineered Fall Protection Division recently completed a job where we installed an Engineered Fall Protection System for a commercial rooftop.  We completed the installation of two force management anchors on a standing seam roof.  Standing seam clamps are attached to the roof top. Bearer bars bridge the gap between two standing seams.  Anchor plates are the riveted to the bearer bars and the pull tested. Finally the anchors are assembled on the anchor plate and torqued.  These rooftop anchors are now ready for the customers use.

If you have questions regarding commercial rooftop fall protection plans, please contact the Engineered Fall Protection Division of Northern Strands at 306.242.7073, email or visit our webpage

Northern Strands is COR safety certified and is a Mission Zero Charter Member

We are proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

Suspended Access designs unique Portable Electric Winch System

Northern Strands Suspended Access Division has designed a unique Portable Electric Winch System for material handling. Why did we design a Portable Electric Winch System?  To offer an alternative to Air Winches.  Our Portable Electric Winch System was designed with portability and ease of use in mind.  

Who can benefit from the use of this unique winch?   Ironworkers, sheeters, insulators, industrial mechanical contractors, plant maintenance workers, and anyone that has a need for temporary hoisting solutions in a somewhat confined space.

Features include:

  • 1st Layer rating: 1,100 LBS W.L.L
  • Mid drum rating: 700 LBS W.L.L
  • Full drum rating: 500 LBS W.L.L
  • Variable speed.
  • Accurate load weight readout.
  • Anti-two-block.
  • Positive controls.
  • Controlled descent.
  • Counterweighted system, no need to anchor the unit.
  • No need for a compressor.
  • Overload protection.
  • Ease of use.
  • Long pendant control keeps the operator away from the suspended load.

Our Portable Electric Winches are available to rent today!

Contact our Suspended Access Division for all your material handling, work platform, tugger, winch and swing stage needs.   Our products are available to rent throughout Canada.

Visit our website at                                                                                                    

Phone 306-242-7073. 

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

Northern Strands recieves accolades for excellent service!

Recently the company, "Concept Group" had round slings made for them by Northern Strands.  Soon after, Concept Group sent an email praising Northern Strands service and knowledge .

Here is the portion of that email discussing our service.

“One of our guys was in earlier today to purchase 20 slings from you folks.  By the way he says you were very knowledgeable and fantastic to work/deal with.”

Thank you Concept Group for your high praise of our knowledgeable employees!  Northern Strands Warehouse proudly employees some of the most technically trained and knowledgeable employees in the industry.

Northern Strands Warehouse/Rigging Division

Our Capabilities:
• Northern Strands has Saskatchewan’s largest inventory of
  wire rope available from 1/16” to 2” in standard sizes and
  5.5mm to 26mm in metric sizes.
• Large selection of rigging products.
• Distributor for some of the largest world class
  manufacturers in our industry including The Crosby
  Group, Gunnebo Johnson, Thern, Unitex and Vitali.
Crane rope inspections.
• Assistance in the development of rigging and lifting
  plans for your job.
• Technically trained sales staff. We have the answers to
  your questions.
Certificate of compliance for rigging products. Safe and
  approved for every job.
• Custom built products. i.e. material baskets, chain and
  wire rope slings, etc.
Vertical and horizontal test bed services.

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.





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