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How to inspect your ATV winch line and when should you replace it?

How to inspect your ATV winch line and when should you replace it?


As the fall leaves are changing and the smell of winter is on the air, it’s the perfect time to head out on the trails with your ATV. Whether you are heading to snap some beautiful fall photos, enjoy the crisp fall air, or if your ATV is the equipment you use for hunting it must be in peak condition. The top of everyone’s mind is often making sure that mechanically everything is up to scratch and while that is critical it’s the other gear that is often overlooked. Many ATVs come equipped with a winch line or the ability to connect a tow rope in case you get stuck or need to haul something out. This tool is critical for an enjoyable and successful trip but is often overlooked when we do a walk-around of our equipment before we head out. Here are a few tips on checking over your winch and line.


  1. Fully extend your line from the drum and inspect the line. Make sure that it's in good condition and there aren’t any spots on the line which are showing wear or damage. i.e. kinks, splinters or curls.
  2. If your line is in good shape, make sure the mechanism to rewind the winch is working properly and the mechanics on that is also in good working condition.
  3. If your line is showing wear and tear it's time to investigate replacing it.


Northern strand carries a full line of lines both synthetic and wire rope that is specifically manufactured to be used in winch lines. Did you know our Dyneema synthetic winch line has many benefits over traditional wire rope. Dyneema rope will not splinter, kink or curl. It’s also much easier on the hands in cold weather.


With the education and training relied on by some of the largest mining operations in Saskatchewan for their wire hoisting needs. Our experts are uniquely positioned to help you find the right line got your equipment and one that will work for you and your needs.


Our products are spliced and tested on-site with the top industry ratings in place. Each one of our synthetic ropes comes with the hook correctly spliced onto the end as well as the metal thimble and comes packaged with all the specifications of the specific line, including tensile strength, length and material. We have many standard sizes and lengths in stock and ready for pick up. We are also able to make any specific size and length you might need to order.


So if you are looking to replace your current line or upgrade to a different type of line that will better suit the work you need to do come and talk to our incredibly knowledgeable team or shop online at

Big Announcement…Northern Strands Launches E-Commerce Website!

You can now shop online with Northern Strands! We are extremely excited to announce that Northern Strands has launched our very own E-Commerce Shopping Website, How and why did this come about? Last year, our Outside Sales Team brought forward customer requests asking if they can buy our products online. They thought it more convenient and time-saving to shop online through an E-Commerce Website. We agree that online purchasing is beginning to eclipse traditional purchasing methods. Northern Strands recognized that it was time to take on the challenge of creating a website where customers could purchase directly from Northern Strands online.

Northern Strands put together a team of employees to head up the project and started down the path of creating the E-Commerce Shopping Website. We researched what it would take to create, launch, and manage an E-Commerce site. We partnered with Big Commerce as their platform was one of the best and it also fits our business model. After several months of working on our new Northern Strands E-Commerce Website we are proud to say our hard work paid off. We have a great clean- looking, functional, and easy-to-use website!    

During the initial stages of the Northern Strands Shopping Website, not all products will be available for online purchase. As the saying goes, “All great things have small beginnings.”

We currently have the following products available for online purchase: Load Binders, Ratchet Straps, Grade 100 Connecting Links & Hooks, Round Slings, Web Slings, Tow Straps, and ATV Winch Lines.

New products are being added weekly until Northern Strands’ thousands of industrial rigging, equipment, and supplies are available for online purchase.  

Northern Strands wants to make sure that we have the lowest prices in the industry on our listed products. We went online and compared our product pricing to the competition and discovered that NORTHERN STRANDS HAS THE LOWEST PRICES ON HIGH-QUALITY RIGGING, TOWING, AND LOAD SECUREMENT PRODUCTS IN WESTERN CANADA!

Enjoy the savings and shop now at

Or contact us at

Phone: 306-242-7073 or Toll-free at 1-800-242-7073


Northern Strands is Saskatchewan owned and operated. 


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