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Northern Strands Offers Unique Suspended Access & Fall Protection Solutions for Regal Towers

Both Regal Towers have been part of Saskatoon's skyline for decades. Yet they are some of the most well kept and upgraded buildings in the city. Currently Boardwalk Communities is replacing Regal Towers windows. Candor Build Construction Company was in need of Swing Stage Equipment for this project. They subcontracted Northern Strands to install the suspended access equipment that would be needed to install the windows. 

Being an older building, Regal Towers lacked fall protection anchors that are commonplace in newer buildings. This meant there was nothing conventional for the outrigger beams or lifelines to anchor to (Outriggers are horizontal beams that extend over the parapet wall for the suspension cables of the swing stage platforms to connect to. This presented some unique challenges for our Suspended Access team.

The Northern Strands Swing Stage team had to devise solutions to overcome the lack of traditional anchor points:

  • Engineers approved the installation of D-Plate points. Multiple anchors were installed at various points across the roof. All anchors were labeled and softeners were included at potential wear points.

  • Wood cribbing boxes were fabricated to raise the outriggers over the parapet wall.

  • To anchor the outriggers our team used the utility building that sits on top of the main roof, after engineers had deemed the structure was adequate. Our Suspended Access crew wrapped cable around the entire building structure and softeners were once again employed on the wire rope at the structure corners to prevent damage. This was a unique and forward thinking solution

  • Panoramic views of the overall set up:

Northern Strands has the largest Suspended Access equipment fleet in Saskatchewan. We are locally owned and operated out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

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Northern Strands Suspended Access Division Completes Outrigger Davit Work

The Northern Strands Suspended Access team recently completed Outrigger Davit work at the Cory mine head frame. The Outrigger Davit was extended 10 feet high with 8 feet of reach to reach up and over a 52" parapet wall and ground obstruction. The system was rigged up in 5 days. Northern Strands is one of only a handful of companies in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba to have specialized suspended access equipment on hand and ready to go.

The Outrigger Davit allows for easy clearance over tall parapets while the beam and counterweights are at a safe rooftop level.