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Northern Strands recieves accolades for excellent service!

Recently the company, "Concept Group" had round slings made for them by Northern Strands.  Soon after, Concept Group sent an email praising Northern Strands service and knowledge .

Here is the portion of that email discussing our service.

“One of our guys was in earlier today to purchase 20 slings from you folks.  By the way he says you were very knowledgeable and fantastic to work/deal with.”

Thank you Concept Group for your high praise of our knowledgeable employees!  Northern Strands Warehouse proudly employees some of the most technically trained and knowledgeable employees in the industry.

Northern Strands Warehouse/Rigging Division

Our Capabilities:
• Northern Strands has Saskatchewan’s largest inventory of
  wire rope available from 1/16” to 2” in standard sizes and
  5.5mm to 26mm in metric sizes.
• Large selection of rigging products.
• Distributor for some of the largest world class
  manufacturers in our industry including The Crosby
  Group, Gunnebo Johnson, Thern, Unitex and Vitali.
Crane rope inspections.
• Assistance in the development of rigging and lifting
  plans for your job.
• Technically trained sales staff. We have the answers to
  your questions.
Certificate of compliance for rigging products. Safe and
  approved for every job.
• Custom built products. i.e. material baskets, chain and
  wire rope slings, etc.
Vertical and horizontal test bed services.

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.




Northern Strands Group of Companies supports Children's Wish Foundation at Getzlaf Golf Tournament

The Northern Strands Group of Companies was proud to show it's support of the Children's Wish Foundation Saskatchewan at the 2nd Annual Chris Getzlaf Charity Golf Tournament.   In 2014 The Northern Strands Group of Companies employees raised $10,000 for Children's Wish Saskatchewan and helped grant the first ever Super Bowl Wish granted in Saskatchewan!  We were very fortunate to meet Jared at the tournament.   

 Jared's heart felt Wish Profile is attached below...   

Wish Profile - Jared (2).pdf (290.83 kb)

Jared was the main focus of the event, being the first Super Bowl wish granted in Saskatchewan.   They played Jared’s football highlight video which ended in a chorus of clapping.   Jared was an amazing football player.   Jared really appreciated the fact that we came down to meet him.   We had many excellent conversations with him.   We had so much fun talking football with him that our guys almost missed the T off!

Here is a picture of our guys at the Chris Getzlaf Golf Tournament with Jared and some great comments below.  

Jeff Caswell(Left), Curtis Witt(middle), Nathan Reed(right), Jared(bottom)



Curtis Witt


“It was very nice to meet Jared and his family. When I got to talk with Jared briefly about football, any name I would mention, he knew exactly who I was talking about. It’s great a football fan such as Jared got to go to the Super Bowl. He really enjoyed it”.



Jeff Caswell


“The Children’s Wish Golf Tournament was a great experience to be part of! Jared and his family are such great people to talk and share stories with.  It was really uplifting to hear their story and stories from other families about how the Children’s Wish Foundation helps and contributes to make their lives a little easier. The celebrities that were in attendance were a class act too! Everyone involved in this event deserves great praise for their efforts in making such a wonderful day and experience for the children and their families, as well as the golfers taking part in the day.”



Nathan Reed


"The 2nd Getzlaf and Friends golf tournament was a fantastic experience.  It was great to see the Children's Wish Foundation being supported by such a great group of sponsors, celebrities, and volunteers.  Meeting Jared's family and hearing about their Super Bowl Wish experience first-hand made me proud that the NS Group of Companies would support such a cause."


We saw first-hand what a difference Jared’s Wish made in his life.   Both Jared and his family were very grateful.  


The Northern Strands Group of Companies employees will continue to proudly support our charity of choice, The Children's Wish Foundation Saskatchewan.


The Northern Strands Group of Companies includes Northern Strands, Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing and Certified Mining and Construction Sales and Rentals.


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