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Synthetic Rope The New Standard for Tow Trucks

Northern Strands is able to offer a large variety of products for tow trucks. Between our five divisions, we can equip tow truck operators with numerous products to help get the job done. 

We offer wire rope as well as Dyneema rope cut to customized lengths for tow truck drivers. Dyneema rope is a synthetic rope that has a comparable breaking strength to that of wire rope. This synthetic rope won't kink, curl, or splinter and has minimal stretch with no rotation. 

Northern Strands can also provide tow truck operators with different configurations of Grade 70 Transport Chain. This chain is high tensile carbon steel, heat treated, and is available in custom lengths. We also offer Grade 70 Grab and Slip Hooks along with Ratchet and Lever Style Load Binders.

Crosby Swivel Hoist Rings Provided to Customers by Northern Strands

Northern Strands offers a numerous Crosby Rigging products to our customers. Crosby Swivel Hoist Rings have a variety of applications and are used similarly to shoulder eye bolts to help with connecting hooks and chains. Swivel Hoist Rings are rated at 100% at a 90° angle. 

        The Crosby UNC Swivel Hoist Rings are individually tested 2-2/5 times the recommended Working Load Limit. This ensures that the product will perform properly within the specified working load limit.

        Northern Strands also supplies Crosby Metric Swivel Hoist Rings. This Swivel Hoist Ring washer is color coded for easy identification (silver & metric thread). 

        Crosby's Heavy Lift Swivel Hoist Rings have increased durability and can be used in less than ideal field conditions. The Heavy Lift Swivel Hoist Ring also has a larger opening than the standard Hoist Ring. 

        The Cold-Tuff UNC Heavy Lift Swivel Hoist Rings are produced with maximum hardness of 34 HRc. The body, brushing, washer, and bail have impact requirements of 31 ft-lbs minimum average at -4. The bolt has impact requirements of 20 ft-lbs with a minimum average at -150°F. 

        Stainless Steel Swivel Hoist Rings by Crosby are available at Northern Strands as well. All components are 316 stainless steel, execpt the bolt retainers that are made from 15-7 PH magnetic stainless steel. The Available capacities range from 400 lbs to 50,000 lbs. The Stainless Steel Swivel Hoist Ring is rated at 100% at a 90° angle.

        It is important to use Swivel Hoists properly to ensure that work is completed safely. Never exceed the working load limit of a swivel hoist ring. Northern Stands offers a free sling calculator that can be used to calculate the necessary angles when using a swivel hoist and a sling. The Northern Strands Sling Calculator can be found here: Sling Calculator 

For additional information on Swivel Hoists or the other Crosby products offered at Northern Strands, please contact us!

Phone: 306-242-7073

Northern Strands Offers Railcar Progressioner Cables and Systems

Northern Strands is proud to be a premium supplier of progressioner cables. These die drawn 6 x 26  Warrington Seale Compacted Strand IWRC cables have a smooth bearing surface at the strand crown and an increase in minimum breaking strength when compared to round strand rope of the same diameter and class. Recently Northern Strands has installed a number of railcar progressioner cables and full railcar progressioner systems for grain terminals in Saskatchewan. We are capable of completing repairs on existing progressioner systems or installing a new system if needed.

Progressioner Cables can be used in a variety of applications including the following:
  • Grain Terminals
  • Railcar Progressioner System. Also called Rail Car Puller
  • Surface Mining
  • Construction
  • Logging
  • Oil Fields
  • Winch Lines
  • Car Pullers/Progressioner

These compact cables have more load bearing capacities than the standard cables with same diameters. Abrasion is less and usage lives are longer because they contact the reel surfaces in a larger area. 

The General Characteristics of Progressioner Cables includes:
  • High Strength to Diameter Ratio
  • High Resistance to Abrasion
  • High Resistance to Crushing
  • Better Fatigue Resistance
  • Equals Better Service Life
For additional information, please contact us!
Phone: 306-242-7073

Gorbel Tether Track Systems are Now Available at Northern Strands

Fall Protection is a serious business. Designing and supplying Engineered Fall Protection systems is a responsibility and privilege that we do not take lightly. Northern Strands is excited to offer our customers the Gorbel  Rigid Rail Tether Track Fall Protection Systems. These systems provide workers with increased mobility and can accommodate multiple workers. The Tether Track Fall Protection System is available in a number of configurations to assist in all types of applications.

Bridge Systems

The Tether Track Bridge System consists of two runways and a traveling bridge. This offers users maximum coverage in a rectangular area. Multiple bridges can be used to support several workers. The bridge(s) can be use for ceiling mounted or free standing systems. This allows for multiple users to use the system at the same time. 

Free Standing Monorails

Free Standing Fall Protection Systems are designed to protect workers maintaining, inspecting, or loading & unloading rail cars and tankers. Heights from 16' up to 26 and standard lengths up to 204' in single and dual track styles are available. The Dual bypass track allows workers to pass each other without having to disconnect from the system. Outdoor coatings are offered to maximize protection and the Free Standing Monorail is designed for wind, snow, and ice. 

Ceiling Mounted Monorail