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The Benefits of Synthetic Rope Over Steel Wire Rope for Logging Tie Downs

Northern Strands logging tie downs are made of synthetic Dyneema Rope spliced with grade 70 chain and a grab hook on the end. Our tie downs are double tagged with a working load limit of 3800lbs . We place one tag on the rope and another on the chain There are many benefits to using synthetic rope in place of wire rope for logging tie downs. When a synthetic rope tie down is used in place of wire rope it makes the tie down easier to throw, which helps to reduce rotator cuff injuries and overall worker fatigue.  Synthetic rope is not affected by the chemicals oil/gas containers in logging. A special coating protects the rope from the sun’s ultraviolet light degradation. Dyneema rope also has a low coefficient of friction, is resistant to abrasion, and most importantly, does not produce jaggers (the broken wires of steel rope that produce painful puncture wounds). Synthetic rope will not kink, curl, or splinter!

At Northern Strands we carry various diameters and strengths Dyneema rope depending on usage.

Other 12-strand Dyneema Rope Uses Include: Winch Line, Anchor Line, Dock/Mooring Line, Tow Rope, Lanyards, Hand Lines, Hoisting Ropes, Slings, Climbing Rope, Utility Rope.

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