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Large Custom Chain Slings Developed for International Customer

Northern Strands was recently contracted by an International Mine, GCR Mongolia, to supply 30 large Custom Single Legged Chain Slings.

The 30 Chain Slings have a 13 Ton Working Load Limit. The Chain Slings are being connected by a Shackle to the structure and to the Shaft Mucker. These Single Leg Chain Slings are 3 meters long.

GRC Mongolia is a Mongolian company that combines the expertise of 3 partners with various skill sets. GRC Mongolia focuses on complete solutions to construction, infrastructure, and mining developments throughout Mongolia. 

For more information about Custom Chain Assemblies and Custom Rigging options, please contact us!

Contact us at (306) 242-7073 or email for more information.

Tyson Vogel - Mining Division - Technical Sales Manager
Ph: (306) 242-7073
Fax: 306.934.2920

Vitali-Intl Hoists vs.The Competition

How does your current hoist brand stack up against Vitali-Intl? Vitali-Intl hoists are equal to or better than the next two major competitors!

We often hear, "I like my current hoist brand and supplier. Why would I change?". The simple answer is . . . the price!

Vitali-Intl Hoists also have the SAME SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS as the competition. Every Vitali-Intl hoist comes with a manual, parts list, and Certification of Compliance. Vitali-Intl Hoists are ANSI/ASME b30.21 and HST-3 compliant.
Why are you playing 2-3 times more money for your current hoist brand? Simple . . . the brand name! Make the switch today.

Contact us for more information on how to switch hoist brands, or for more details about Vitali-Intl!

Ag in Motion Virtual Booth Show Specials!

To kick off Ag in Motion Discovery Plus, we have a number of exclusive Show Specials! 
Purchase from July 21-25 at Northern Strands while quantities last!
We have the following on special for Ag in Motion Discovery Plus:
  • 25% Off Soft Shackles and Regular Shackles
  • 25% Off Lever and Chain Hoists
  • 25% Off Dyneema Winch Lines
  • 25% Off Ratchet Straps
  • 45% - 50% Off Tow Straps
  • Wholesale Pricing on Electric Fence Wire
  • Up to 50% LESS than Dealer Pricing on Custom Belly and Harrow Cable Assemblies
  • Featured Farm Safety Product: Award Winning Grain Bin Fall Protection System, Bin Safe
Recovery Strap Sale prices


Blue 8" x 50'


2 Ply Construction
128,000 lbs W.L.L



Orange 10" x 50'


2 Ply Construction

160,000 lbs W.L.L




Orange 12" x 50'


2 Ply Construction

192,000 lbs W.L.L







      Recovery Straps with D-Rings


Blue       - 128,000 lbs W.L.L -  8" x 50'        $747.50

                                                 SALE PRICE $411.00


Orange  - 160,000 lbs W.L.L - 10" x 50'        $886.00

                                                  SALE PRICE $487.00


Orange  - 192,000 lbs W.L.L - 12" x 50'        $995.00

                                                  SALE PRICE $547.00    






Falls Off of Grain Bins Vs. Grain Bin Entrapment

Recently grain bin entrapment has been at the forefront of Agriculture news, particularly in the United States corn belt where a number of news articles have reported deaths from persons being engulfed in Corn. Sadly, more often than not, grain bin entrapment is usually fatal. Usually, unstable grain or corn collapses suddenly, burying workers who may be within it. This typically results in the person dying of asphyxiation. According to the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association, on average 3 to 4 people die per year from grain bin entrapment. In the United State this number is much higher. A recent study by Perdue University states that in the United States, there were 67 fatal and non-fatal cases involving all types of agricultural confined spaces in 2019. 39 of those cases resulted in a fatality.

In terms of total fatal and non-fatal cases how do falls from Grain bins or silos compare to grain bin entrapment cases?

If one was to Google "grain bin injuries", you will find many new articles on grain bin entrapment and only a handful on grain bin falls  This would lead one to thinking that there are more people being injured or killed from grain bin entrapment than people falling off of grain bins. This is actually far from the truth! Although there are less fatalities from falling from a grain bin or silo, as a whole,  the total number of fatal and non fatal injuries from falling off of a grain bin or silo are statistically much higher than grain bin entrapment. The reason you will not find as many news articles on falls from grain bins or silos is that serious injuries are not reported on near as often as fatalities. Yet falls on a farm are leading cause of worker lost time claims. The below AG Safe Alberta graph below is an example of Alberta worker lost time claims.
A worker or family member who is injured from falling from a grain bin is not only emotionally devastating, it can be financially devastating as well. Consider all the potential costs incurred by a lost time injury on your farm:
  • Incident investigation time
  • Wages paid for time lost
  • Worker overtime
  • Extra leader's time
  • Clerical time
  • Decreased output of injured worker upon return
  • Compensation costs
  • Medical costs
  • Damage to equipment
  • Repair costs
  • Replacement costs
  • Potential fines or lawsuits if safety regulations were not followed or negligence is proven. i.e. not providing proper personal protective equipment.

In conclusion, both potential grain bin entrapment and fall from grain bins should both be taken very seriously.With this said, the most likely incident to occur on your farm is a fall from a grain bin. Please strongly consider installing a grain bin fall protection system on your grain bins for the health and safety of your family, workers and the financial well being of your farm.

News articles from grain bin and silo fall resulting in injury or death:

AG in Motion Discovery Plus Goes Digital With Virtual Booth Spaces

With Covid-19 causing the closure of all tradeshows, AG in Motion 2020 near Langham is transforming into a full on digital event that will be free for farmers to attend and sign up for online. They will create a virtual environment that will allow farmers to interact with exhibitors and the tradeshow. AG in Motion Discovery Plus features will include virtual tours of crops, equipment demos, educational webinar presentations, and much more. Exhibitors will have virtual booths where they are able to post videos, pictures, brochures, host webinars, and live chat with customers. AG in Motion has stated there is more news to come and there will be various exhibitor packages to choose from. 

We at Northern Strands are excited to once again be an exhibitor at Ag in Motion. We will be having tradeshow specials during AG in Motion Discovery Plus. Stay tuned for more info as the event date comes up!

The team at Glacier Media is showing how innovative they can be by hosting AG in Motion in the a digital landscape. Ag in Motion Discovery Plus will be a digital event that will deliver interactive content from the field on July 21-25, 2020.  


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