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Metric rope on sale and metric rope chart link

Northern Strands has a variety of Metric Rope on sale while quantities last.  We have Metric rope on sale up to 50% off!  Metric Rope is typically used for cranes, but has other applications as well.  Please see the attached Northern Strands Metric Rope Flyer pdf for details and pricing.

Here is a link to a metric rope chart for your convenience: 

Contact Northern Strands at , 306-242-7073 or toll free at 1-800-242-7073.

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada owned and operated.

Mining wire rope damage as a result of inadequate lubrication.

Lubrication and Maintenance is critical to prolonging life of wire rope for purposes of mining.  Additionally, the correct lubricant is of key importance during rope manufacture.  Frequency of lubrication is dependent upon the condition of the wire rope, environment and application.  In-service lubricants must possess the following attributes:

·       Penetrate easily into the rope

·       Displace moisture from the internal and external surfaces

·       Provide good corrosion protection both internally and externally

·       Be resistant to emulsification

·       Possess good rope adhesive properties

·       Resist removal by mechanical forces

·       Be compatible with the lubricant already employed during rope manufacture


Without lubrication during its working life, wire ropes may suffer from premature withdrawal from service for the following reasons:

·       Premature wire breaks occurring in the ropes and caused by internal and/or external corrosion

·       Premature wire breaks occurring at the strand interstices due to lack of proper inter strand movement

·       Strand displacement, loose wires and rope waving, leading to loss of cross section stability.

Northern Strands is a supplier of many different lubricants and applicators, capable of providing you the right product for the right application.  For more information contact us at or call 306-242-7073 for more information.


Northern Strands is proudly Canadian owned and operated, with our head office being located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.


Did you know Northern Strands is an international supplier of the Becorit liners?

Did you know...Northern Strands supplies the Becorit line of hoist drum, headsheave and deflection sheave liners? The Becorit  hoist drum liners guarantee a very high friction coefficient, excellent abrasion resistance and a high permissible surface pressure.  The Becorit liners can be made to suit any drum or sheave, and recommendations will be made for the right material for your specific job.

To learn more about the Becorit line of products  please email or call 306-242-7073.

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada owned and operated.

Northern Strands supplies wire rope for mine outside of Canada

Did you know Northern Strands is an international supplier of Mining Rope and Attachments?  In 2014 we supplied 188,880ft of Koepe Hoisting and Balance Rope for the Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia.  Northern Strands has also supplied the Shaft Sinking attachments for three of the OT project’s shafts.

If you would like more information on this project or our Mining Division products, please contact us at

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon Saskatchewan owned and operated

Safety Training Division develops courses to meet industry demands

The Northern Strands Safety Division has developed a multitude of Safety Training Courses to meet industry needs.  We now offer the following Safety courses; Fall Arrest training, Tugger / Winch training, Wirelock Socketing training, Crosby Rigging training, First Aid / CPR and Swing Stage training.  All of our safety courses meet and exceed Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety standards.  Northern Strands Safety Training Division is now an industry leader in construction safety training in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.

Link to Training Division webpage:


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