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Crosby Rigging Training


Northern Strands provides Crosby Rigging Training, an industry wide recognized standard for basic rigging principles.  This seminar aims to ensure students are well versed in the selection, inspection, cautions to personnel, effects of environment and proper rigging practices.  Students will have the opportunity to question a knowledgeable instructor on industry and/or site-specific rigging practices as they go through the material.  Several "rigging myths" will be dispelled; highlighting the errors of some status quo rigging practices that take place on a far too regular basis.

 The Crosby Rigging Training seminar will demonstrate:


·         How to properly inspect slings and rigging hardware.

·         Application of slings and rigging hardware.

·         Load estimation/calculation.

·         General safe rigging practices.

·         Forces that rigging may be subjected to.

 To book training or for more information, please call 306-242-7073 or email



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