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What Are The Benefits Of Mining Wire Rope With Plastic Encased Core / Plastic Covered Core?

In mining hoist ropes with plastic encased core, a plastic sheathing is inserted and impregnated between the outer layer of strands and the inner layer(s) of strands. This plastic filler reduces potential sliding of the various components while still allowing necessary movement. The plastic also fills the free space between the exterior strands which acts as a cushion and noticeably prevents friction wear damages. But perhaps the biggest advantage of this product is that the plastic covers the core, so it’s able to seal the lubrication in the inner strands and keep out the polluting agents that lead to corrosion.

Northern Strands carries all major types of mining wire rope and attachments.

The types of mining hoist ropes:

  • Sinking Rope
  • Hoist Ropes
  • Balance Ropes
  • Guide Ropes
  • Surface Ropes

  • The types of mining hoist rope attachments and hardware:
    • Chaseblock & Link Plates
    • Coarse Adjusting Linkage
    • Fine Adjustment Linkage
    • Glands
    • Pins
    • Shaft Sinking Hooks
    • Sockets
    • Solid Thimbles
    • Swivels
    • Thimble Cappel
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    Picture: Compacted 35 X 7 Hoist Rope
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