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When Is a Fall Protection Control Zone Needed?

At Northern Strands our Fall Protection division regularly receives questions regarding OH&S fall protection regulations in Saskatchewan. One of the most popular questions being, "When is a fall protection control zone required?"

OH&S regulations state the following regarding control zones:

OH&S Reg. 116.2

  1. An employer or contractor shall ensure that a control zone:
    1. Is only used if a worker can fall from a level surface in a work area; and
    2. Is not less than two meters wide when measured from the unguarded edge.
  2. When crossing a control zone mentioned in subsection (1), a worker:
    1. Subject to subsection (4) in not required to use a fall protection system, other than the control zone, to enter or leave the work area; and
    2. Shall follow the most direct route to get to or from the unguarded edge.
  3. An employer or contractor shall ensure that a control zone is clearly marked with an effective raised warning line or other equally effective method if a worker is working more than two metres from an unguarded edge.
  4. An employer or contractor shall ensure that a worker who has to work within a control zone uses:
    1. A travel restraint system; or
    2. A means that is as equally effective as a travel restraint system and that prevents the worker from getting to the unguarded edge.

If you are working on a flat roof and do not have this in place there can be consequences such as fines for the worker and the contractor or owner. It's the law and we see too often roofs where people are working or required to work without control zones. Control zones are inexpensive and easy to install. Make sure you are aware this is not a suggestion but a requirement when working on a flat roof.

To learn more about control zones and Fall Protection Systems contact our Fall Protection Divisions

Phone 30-242-7073


Or visit our fall protection webpage

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