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AG in Motion Discovery Plus Goes Digital With Virtual Booth Spaces

With Covid-19 causing the closure of all tradeshows, AG in Motion 2020 near Langham is transforming into a full on digital event that will be free for farmers to attend and sign up for online. They will create a virtual environment that will allow farmers to interact with exhibitors and the tradeshow. AG in Motion Discovery Plus features will include virtual tours of crops, equipment demos, educational webinar presentations, and much more. Exhibitors will have virtual booths where they are able to post videos, pictures, brochures, host webinars, and live chat with customers. AG in Motion has stated there is more news to come and there will be various exhibitor packages to choose from. 

We at Northern Strands are excited to once again be an exhibitor at Ag in Motion. We will be having tradeshow specials during AG in Motion Discovery Plus. Stay tuned for more info as the event date comes up!

The team at Glacier Media is showing how innovative they can be by hosting AG in Motion in the a digital landscape. Ag in Motion Discovery Plus will be a digital event that will deliver interactive content from the field on July 21-25, 2020.  

Why You Should Try a Soft Shackle For Your Next Tow?

Did you know that there is an alternative to metal shackles for towing? A 12 Strand Soft Shackle has many great advantages when compared to a traditional metal shackle. 

Dyneema soft Shackles are an excellent lightweight replacement for steel shackles. Many new trucks have tow lugs on the front that you cannot hook to without wrecking your bumper. This type of shackle can also easily wrapped around difficult pulling points and will not scratch vehicle paint. The shackle is complete with a locking system for ease of use and a slip ring for extra security. The Soft Shackle is constructed with one piece, meaning there are no pins needing to be fastened. 
The Soft Shackle is available in the following sizes and breaking strengths: 

If you would like more information on Soft Shackles, please contact our sales team!

Spring Sale! Recovery Straps 45% to 55% Off at Northern Strands!

Spring is here and with spring comes the mud! Don't be caught on a muddy road or in a field with no tow strap, or with one that should have been replaced long ago. A recovery strap that has degraded or has defects can have a greatly reduced working load limit. Which means it will break unexpectedly before you can pull your tractor, equipment, or vehicle out.

Now is the time to replace the old with the new. Contact us today to save 45% to 55% on your next recovery strap!

Saskatoon location

3235 Millar Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7K 5Y3

Hours of Operation: 7:30am to 5:00pm Mon - Fri

Phone:  (306) 242-7073

Toll Free: (800) 242-7073

Regina location

125 Henderson Drive
Regina, SK S4N 5W4

Phone: (306) 352-7073
Toll Free: (800) 242-7073

Here is a sample of some of the savings on our larger tow straps. Perfect for those big jobs!



Blue 8" x 50'


2 Ply Construction
128,000 lbs Breaking Strength



Orange 10" x 50'


2 Ply Construction

160,000 lbs Breaking Strength




Orange 12" x 50'


2 Ply Construction

192,000 lbs Breaking Strength





      Recovery Straps with D-Rings


Blue       - 128,000 lbs Breaking Strength -  8" x 50'                                                                           $747.50

                                                 SALE PRICE $411.00


Orange  - 160,000 lbs Breaking Strength - 10" x 50'                                                                           $886.00

                                                  SALE PRICE $487.00


Orange  - 192,000 lbs Breaking Strength - 12" x 50'                                                                            $995.00

                                                  SALE PRICE $547.00    







Northern Strands Group of Companies Donates N95 Masks and 3D Prints Face Shield Components for Healthcare Workers

Recently Northern Strands purchased a 3D printer from Wave of the Future 3D. At the time we purchased a 3D printer in the interest of innovation and cost savings. It was a excellent investment for Northern Strands, with the cost of 3D printers going down and the quality and capabilities of 3D printers going up. 

It was business as usual...Then seemingly out of nowhere the world changed. Covid-19 was spreading throughout the world and Canada. The virus has put a strain on healthcare systems around the world. In Saskatchewan and Canada, there is a shortage of personal protective equipment or PPE for our healthcare workers. A local dentist approached the owner of Northern Strands, Garry Clarke, asking what our capabilities are and if we could help out? At the same time we were receiving emails from SIMSA(Saskatchewan and industrial mining supply chain association), asking their members if we could donate PPE? We wanted to help in any way we could. Our first thought was to check our own PPE inventory for N95 masks. Our sister company, Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing had N95 masks in stock! We immediately donated 80 masks to St. Paul's hospital in Saskatoon. 

Next we contacted our 3D printer supplier, Wave of the Future 3D, and asked if our 3D printer had the potential to fabricate anything that would be of use to the healthcare industry? We soon realized that our 3D printer could indeed help in the production of face shields for healthcare workers. Specifically, we can fabricate the headband component of the face shield. Currently we are printing 24 a day and sending them to Wave of the Future 3D. They will then assemble them and send them to the hospitals and other healthcare facilities that require them. Recently Global News did a story on Wave of the Future 3D's fabrication of face shields and other needed ventilator parts 

Video of the below medical face shield headband being 3D printed   

From everyone at Northern Strands Group of Companies, we thank our healthcare and front line workers. This includes everyone from home care to nurses to grocery store workers. Stay safe.


We, as a country, are in an unprecedented health crisis that is affecting all business. Northern Strands serves a variety of critical and essential industries from mining, construction, grain handling facilities, agriculture and more. We take this responsibility very seriously. For this reason, we will continue to serve our clients and these critical industries in an effort to support the local, national and international infrastructure and economy.
Because of these important reasons, Northern Strands is CURRENTLY OPERATING and OPEN FOR BUSINESS.
However, in the interest of employee and customer safety, we have locked our doors to public access. Our sales team will be accepting orders via email and phone. Incoming and outgoing shipments will be received by our shipping support staff via our shipping bay entrance.
Call 306-242-7073 for Saskatoon and 306-352-7073 for Regina when you arrive at the shipping doors to receive your package. We will then leave the package outside or load the shipment for you. This being said, our operating situation could change very quickly.

Using various marketing tools and technologies, we will keep our clients informed by sending emails, posting messages on our website, using digital ads, and other various social media platforms. In addition, we are utilizing a simple means of video/digital communication with our customers and clients for meetings, webinars, screen sharing, etc.

We have the health and welfare of our employees and their families, our customers and vendors as our top priority and main concern. We will continue to follow municipal, provincial and federal announcements regarding COVID-19. To support our employees in this difficult time, we have implemented a number of measures internally. We have followed suggested government health measures: restriction of business travel, social distancing, enhanced sanitation, limiting face to face interaction, minimizing paper document exchanges, staggered work times, and asking employees that feel ill to stay home. We continue to investigate alternative options that will allow us to reduce person to person contact in the workplace while continuing to maintain operations. We will do everything possible to keep everyone safe, to “flatten the curve” and to reduce strain on our healthcare system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss an order, project or need for your business.
Please call us at 306-242-7073 or visit our contact us page for a specific list of emails and phone numbers for each division, including emergency contact info.

We hope that everyone in your family and business stays safe and healthy in these trying times.

Garry Clarke
Northern Strands Group of Companies


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