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Gorbel Tether Track Systems are Now Available at Northern Strands

Fall Protection is a serious business. Designing and supplying Engineered Fall Protection systems is a responsibility and privilege that we do not take lightly. Northern Strands is excited to offer our customers the Gorbel  Rigid Rail Tether Track Fall Protection Systems. These systems provide workers with increased mobility and can accommodate multiple workers. The Tether Track Fall Protection System is available in a number of configurations to assist in all types of applications.

Bridge Systems

The Tether Track Bridge System consists of two runways and a traveling bridge. This offers users maximum coverage in a rectangular area. Multiple bridges can be used to support several workers. The bridge(s) can be use for ceiling mounted or free standing systems. This allows for multiple users to use the system at the same time. 

Free Standing Monorails

Free Standing Fall Protection Systems are designed to protect workers maintaining, inspecting, or loading & unloading rail cars and tankers. Heights from 16' up to 26 and standard lengths up to 204' in single and dual track styles are available. The Dual bypass track allows workers to pass each other without having to disconnect from the system. Outdoor coatings are offered to maximize protection and the Free Standing Monorail is designed for wind, snow, and ice. 

Ceiling Mounted Monorail